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JUST-BI @ Gartner and SAP TechEd 2016

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Datascience training Just-BI @ DIKW

Last Wednesday 21st of September a group of 6 of Just’s finest colleagues started with a 12-week intensive Datascience (DS) training. With this training we will gain a lot of knowledge in the DS space and after we all will be Certified Datascience Professionals (CDSP). The first training day was split up in 3 modules.First…


SAP UI5: Internationalization for each view – Addendum for Nested Views

After writing my previous post on SAP UI5: i18n for each view, I found out that the solution does not work completely as intended when using nested views. If you’re using nested views, each view would still have its own set of unique texts that are entirely specific to just that view, and for those…


SAP UI5: i18n for each view

Quite recently, I dove into SAP UI5 development. To educate myself, I followed a workshop and I used the Walkthrough. During my explorations, I ran into a particular issue which I didn’t see very readily addressed. I also found a solution for this particular issue, and even though I still have a ton to learn, I…


HANA Tips & Tricks: Issue #2a – Digging into Table Variables

Following the success of our first “HANA Open Mic” session (sounds cool doesn’t it?) at Just-BI initiated by Just-Glenn, we had a second round of discussions and as promised, here is another blog post touching upon table variables in stored procedures. As part of our second series of blog posts, Just-Roland has also written an interesting…